Public and private yoga teacher based in La Jolla, California.


Magdalena teaches a wide variety of classes ranging from Vinyasa to Prenatal yoga, even Flowlift (the latest fitness trend out of La Jolla CA), and you can find her name on the schedule at Buddhi Yoga and Trilogy Sanctuary, La Jolla's top yoga studios. She completed a Masters degree in Public Policy from George Mason University in Virginia in 2006. It was during her studies that she first stepped on a yoga mat at her local gym. The class was led by an incredibly warm and inspiring California woman, and Magdalena was hooked. She moved to California to leave the corporate world behind and to pursue her dream of living a stress free life and doing something she was passionate about for living. Magdalena first started as a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor in 2005, which lead to a very succesful career and her own personal training business. Her dream has always been to teach yoga, and she completed her yoga studies at the La Jolla Yoga Center in 2010 (La Jolla, California), and her Prenatal yoga studies at the Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, California in 2014. Drawing on her own experience, she also specializes in prenatal yoga (private and public yoga classes) as well as helping women get back in shape post-pregnancy. In addition to her public classes she helped create a yoga program for Mind Body Medicine at the Balboa medical center in San Deigo, CA. She designed classes to manage severe pain, post-traumatic brain injury as well as PTSD. She draws on her decade long career in the fitness industry to bring her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the human body.  Combined with her passion for meditation and deep relaxation, her classes have a zen, blissful feeling, whether she is leading a vinyasa, hatha, pain management or prenatal yoga. She completed extensive studies of prenatal yoga and knows how to create a safe, nurturing space for pregnant yoga students. Her passion is sharing the knowledge and teaching the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. She believes pregnancy is like a yoga practice in itself, as a woman naturally turns inward and connects with her body. Magdalena brings her light-hearted approach and in-depth knowledge to her prenatal yoga training. Being a mom herself, she understands the process of pregnancy and birth, and shares from both experience and her studies. 

Can’t make it to class? Enjoy my prenatal class from the comfort of your home.