We all know being a new Mom can be very hectic. Between diaper changing and nursing, you feel like you don't even have time to take a shower, let alone workout! When my daughter was born, I was dying to get back to working out. All I could do was few minutes here and there...a quick workout while she was napping. Then I realized that it was working! I didn’t need the gym or the standard “hour” for my workout, all I needed was a mini workout using my own body a few times a day. And that’s how "Mommy Workouts" was born!!!

Magdalena Patterson, MA, E-RYT200, Mommy Workouts founder

Magdalena Patterson, MA, E-RYT200, Mommy Workouts founder


I'm a yoga teacher, mom and a wife, raising our Czech-Mex kiddos and a Weimaraner in sunny San Diego. I'm at my happiest outdoors, barefoot, spending time with our kids, teaching them about the simple things in life and being happy. I always try to sneak in some yoga, even just for few minutes, it makes me feel very content and energized. I found my calling in teaching yoga, anything from vinyasa to prenatal classes. I created Mommy Workouts to celebrate being a new mom, having your baby with you and moving your body. What better prescription for happiness? I hope you are enjoying my workouts. Let me know what you think!

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Ready for your first workout? Try one of the moves you see above, or download Mommy Workouts for access to full workouts. Workout anywhere, anytime, burn fat and tone up (with or without baby). All you need is five minutes and your own body. Choose from nine beautiful workout videos shot on a beach in Southern California.   Enjoy!