Prenatal Yoga is great during all three trimesters


Fridays 10:45 AM at BUDDHI YOGA

Release, relax, and connect with your growing baby.

Can’t make it to class? Try my online prenatal yoga:


We all know how hard it is to find a studio that offers prenatal yoga, and if you do, the times usually don't work for you. That's why I decided to start offering online prenatal yoga classes so that anyone could join in, all you need is an internet connection. You can now enjoy prenatal yoga anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

The class is lead by me (Magdalena Patterson), from La Jolla’s beautiful Buddhi Yoga studio. Relax, release tension, connect with you growing baby and your changing body. It is so much more then a series of modified poses. it is all of the above and more. With breath work and meditation, you start preparing for the progressing pregnancy, labor and birth. Prenatal yoga helps you learn to be present and connected with your growing baby.

Why am I so passionate about yoga during pregnancy? I really believe it must be the most important time in a woman’s life to practice yoga. From the moment of conception, our baby experiences life through us, our emotions and state of mind. Our little baby feels our sensory impulses, and recognizes what brings us joy and what feels toxic. Deep inside the womb, our baby feels our neurological responses to daily situations. They can feel when we are stressed, and they can enjoy the moments of happiness and contentment with us. That is because whatever emotion we experience, our brain releases the corresponding hormones into our bloodstream. Those hormones cross the placenta and travel through the umbilical cord to our baby. .