Babywearing and the 4th trimester

I want to do babywearing with my newborn - but I am intimidated by the wrap....READ ON, it's easy!!! And so rewarding for you and your baby:)

What in the world is fourth trimester, you may be asking? This theory is based on age-long wisdom combined with latest research: Your pregnancy does not end with your baby's birth, but three months into your baby's life, when your baby is transitioning from the life in the womb to the life out there in this crazy, wild world. During the first three months of life, your baby is happiest and most secure when it feel as if it was still inside of your body. On your chest, skin to skin, feeling your warmth and scent, breastfeeding anf being carried. Did you know that immediately after birth, your nipples exude the scent of amniotic fluid, and baby is drawn to curl up there and breastfeed? You can help your baby to feel this warmth, familiar scent and sense of security by babywearing as much as you can during the first three months of their lives. What can be sweeter than having your newborn baby curled up on your chest, happy, content and peacefully asleep? 

The best way to wear your newborn is using a wrap - it mimics the womb - it's nice and soft, tight, warm, baby curls up into the same fetal position they are used to from the womb, and they hear your voice, heartbeat, and they enjoy the rocking  and swaying as you walk. Studies have shown that babies who enjoyed babywearing in their 4th trimester are calmer and more content. Commercial baby-carriers cannot achieve this sense of comfort for your newborn baby. 




Here's a step-by-step tutorial on (in my opinion) the best way to use the wrap with your newborn. Also please follow video that I posted above:

1. Unfold your wrap completely and find a middle of the fabric.

2. Hold the middle against your belly and wrap the fabric around toward your back, cross the two ends. 

3. Place each end over your shoulder so they hang from your shoulders on the front of your body

4. Tuck both loose ends through the piece that goes across your belly, crossing them again.

5. Pull both ends of fabric around your low back and tie them on your low back.

6. Take your baby, and place them on your chest, toward your left shoulder. 

7. Slide your baby under the right side fabric, pull it over them. Then the left side.

8. Finally, pull the bottom piece of fabric over your baby to secure them in place. 

9. Your baby will find whatever position is most comfortable for them. They will just curl up and be happy. 

10. Make sure that your baby's head is always VISIBLE and KISSABLE (don't carry your baby too low).

11. ENJOY the love and endorphins that babywearing brings!